Having worked in the security industry for a number of years, Rubicon became the product of putting practice into good use. It became a way of training and employing people to provide a sound service in the Security Industry. There were cases of having both men and women trained to an adequate standard, yet they lacked professionalism. It is our aim to provide a service whereby we raise the level of individuals within the industry. We are passionate about employing personnel who have had the best possible training before development. 

We are a fast-growing training provider based in the heart of Cardiff Bay. Rubicon is built up by three distinctive sectors; Security Training, Employment & Bespoke Training in the fields of employability programmes, ensuring any candidate is given the best opportunity to be multi skilled and prepared for their new role within any company. 

Security Training

We are constantly inputting hard work & we invest our time to train new talent for employment within the Security Industry, as well as seeking those who are seeking work to join us and start a new career. We have had several success stories by coming together and working alongside Welsh Valley Communities First Projects. 

Employability Training

We welcome those seeking work, or those who are currently unemployed to our training and work programme. You will gain invaluable qualifications over your chosen sector and develop skills to adapt across many jobs with the chance to progress. We believe in training our staff to the best possible level, making sure they are fully qualified before progressing into their chosen career.

Security Services

This is the employability sector of the company and specialises in the field of security strategies, loss prevention, risk assessment and provides personnel for Close Protection, VIP Protection, Physical Intervention, Door Supervision, Static Security, VIP Security Driving, CCTV operators, Static Security Guards.